“Everything” is finally available!

Add this one to your Christmas wishlist.

The folks at Zondervan are (finally) releasing the DVD companion to Rob Bell’s Everything is Spiritual tour. The tour visited clubs and concert venues in several U.S. cities in July of 2006, with all of the proceeds going to WaterAid.

A DVD release of the presentation has been in the works ever since, but there has been little information about its release. Even now there isn’t much concrete information regarding the actual release date. But all the “heavy hitters” in the online marketplace (ie, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal Mart, etc.) appear on Zondervan’s “Where to Buy” list, so it would stand to reason it’s release is imminent.

Here is a clip taken from the DVD to whet your palette.

(Rochester folks stay tuned. Once I have a copy in hand there will no doubt be a community screening planned.)


3 thoughts on ““Everything” is finally available!

  1. I love Rob Bell’s teaching. With that said, let me also say that I make it a point to go out of my way to be sure that it’s part of a well-balanced diet of doctrine and teaching.

    Meaning, I make it a point not to read/listen to the “Emergents” exclusively. I make it a point to indulge myself with some Reformed, conservative evangelical, old-school Johnathan Edwards, early-Church, etc. to provide some counterweight.

    I haven’t seen “Everything is Spiritual” yet, so I can’t really comment on it specifically, other than to say I’m really looking forward to having a chance to check it out. I can also say that I have friends whose opinions I respect very much who attended that tour and really dug it.

    As to why he chose to “recommend” a book by John Dominic Crossan, I can’t really say. Although, Crossan did co-author that book with a New Testament professor – so maybe there’s some great give and take? I haven’t read it, so I can’t speculate as to why Bell would reccomend it.

    He walks a fine line, that’s for sure. Which is why there’s the need for balance. Whenever anyone tells me they’re reading alot of Bell’s stuff, I’m quick to reccomend a laundry list of more conservative teachers. Conversely, if I come across anyone that’s a diehard five-pointer – I love turning them on to folks on the left.

    Could this weight/counter-weight be the reason Bell would reccomend a book like John Dominic Crossan’s? To challenge perspective, stretch borders? I can’t say.

  2. Man, it took you like 34 whole minutes.

    Could you pick the pace up a little please?

    Your thoughts remind me of my first exposure to your blog (“Faith of our Fathers”) & how encouraged I was then & am now at your perspective.

    I could definitely use more balance, just less carelessness.

    There are probably (definitely) better choices than Crossan to give balance, but that’s my opinion. (And you know what opinions are like…)

    Thanks again, Shane.

    Keep writing. I’m reading.

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