First the Boston Globe, now the Wall Street Journal?


It was weird enough when my silly post about tacos got mentioned on the Boston Globe’s website. It now appears that I’m a blip on another major news media outlet’s radar. A link to my post about U2’s upcoming re-release of The Joshua Tree appears on today’s online edition of the Wall Street Journal.

While it hasn’t brought as many new eyes here as the Globe’s link (by about a 2,000 to 1 ratio), I’m still kinda wigged out that major media outlets seem to have stumbled upon my blog.

Apparently, I am the new media. 😆


5 thoughts on “First the Boston Globe, now the Wall Street Journal?

  1. Wow, Shane. That is really cool!

    I wonder what makes one blog more visible than another. Your blog is well written, topical, and has healthy traffic, but I wonder what other factors contribute to the amazing stumble rate you seem to have? I think this might speak to the advantage of using a well-constructed and oft-indexed blog service like WordPress, as opposed to something proprietary.

    Anyway, keep up the power blogging, friend.

  2. That has to have alot to do with it. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to “pimp” my blog to potential readers, but nothing that I can think of that would bring “major media” attention to it.

    Divine intervention? 😆

    In all seriousness, I think I can only attribute it to WordPress. So glad I ditched Blogspot.

    (Oh, and hopefully I can parlay some of these random views to Chronicle. Attn: all big time media outlets. Pick up Josh’s newest effort!)

  3. You want to talk about surreal? I’ve got the South Florida Sun-Sentinel doing a story about my site and the church reviews I have been doing.

    I sat in a church this morning with a photographer taking pictures of me worshiping and taking notes. It was really creepy.

    It was like a picture within a picture. They’re doing a story about me writing stories. But hey, I’ll be able to clip out the article and send it to my grandmother – she’ll appretiate it. Until she sees what I wear to church every Sunday – she probably won’t like my camo shorts and hat very much.

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