20+20 = Heisman?


Yesterday my boy Tim Tebow become the first player in NCAA “major college” history to both throw for and run for at least 20 touchdowns in a season.

The Heisman pool is pretty shallow this season. Which has me wondering if Tebow’s accomplishment is enough to make him the front runner for the award. I haven’t been following college football long enough to know, so hopefully someone out there can tell me. Has a 3-loss quarterback has ever had a serious case for college football’s highest individual honor?


6 thoughts on “20+20 = Heisman?

  1. what about jimmy clausen? haha 🙂
    they had the QB of missouri on sportscenter talking about him being the heisman. anyone but matt ryan from BC. i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate BC.

  2. Last player to win the “mini-stiff arm” while playing for a team that lost 3 or more games was Ricky Williams in 1998 playing for Texas. The last QB to do so was Ty Detmer of Bringam Young in 1990 with a 10-3 record (including a loss in the Holiday Bowl).

    The worst team record for a trophy winner was in 1956 Paul Hornung playing for Notre Dame with an overall record of 2-8!!!

  3. Ok,I may get run out of town for this one, but here goes Tebow shouldn’t win the Heisman this year. Why he is just a sophomore. He has had a good year but give it to an upper classman.


  4. I don’t know, I think I disagree. The award is intended to go to “the most outstanding collegiate football player.” While the trophy has never gone to an underclassman, I don’t feel they should be disqualified. It’s not a lifetime acheivement award, it recognizes the player who had the best season.

    Plus, with the way college football has changed, with most of the best players coming out early, maybe the “you’ll get your chance once you’re a junior” viewpoint is getting archaic?

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