“The Voice” is finally taking shape

A while back I told you all about a new project called The Voice, and promised to keep everyone in the loop as the project developed.

The Voice is a collaborate effort between a number of writers, historians, musicians and artists that aims to restore the original “voice” of the Scriptures through different art forms. The project is the brainchild of pastor and writer Chris Seay and includes such notable contributors as Brian McLaren, Donald Miller, Lauren Winner, Derek Webb, Don Chaffer and Sandra McCracken.

The project is now officially underway and several books and CDs have already been released. You can download a sample chapter of Chris Seay’s retelling of the Gospel of John here, or you can buy it online right now for under $3!

The website has improved quite a bit and has been expanded to include other loosely related projects, short films and news items. It’s still a bear to navigate and wrap your head around, but I guess so is the project.

I plan on adding some of these books to my reading list. Especially Seay’s treatment of the Gospel of John since it’s so cheap right now. I’ll try to remember to keep updating everyone as more titles related to the project are released.


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