Granny’s got game!


One of the complaints I hear about every generation of Nintendo system from “serious gamers” is that they’re “too kiddish.” It’s a criticism I’ve always felt was unfair and largely unjustified, but it’s the cross Nintendo has had to carry nonetheless.

But the Wii’s popularity with a very unlikely demographic may soon change that stigma.

According to a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, the Nintendo Wii is experiencing notable popularity with many senior citizens. The games have become so popular with the senior crowd that one chain of retirement homes has installed the system in all of their senior livng communities.

So take that all you Xbox 360 and PS3 types with your Halo 3 and Call of Duty. I’ve got three words for you:

Granny… Guitar… Hero.


16 thoughts on “Granny’s got game!

  1. So take that all you Xbox 360 and PS3 types

    It’s a cute story and I’m thrilled for the old folks, but this won’t have much of an impact on my personal gaming preferences.

  2. Ha!

    I will admit that many Nintendo titles skew young. There’s no denying that. But they also tend to be way more fun. To me at least. I’ve never been one for the more “serious” games.

    As a father of a four year old, most of my play time involves more kid-friendly titles. So I’ve always had more luck with Nintendo. (Although I have been known to let Josiah play a little Mortal Kombat from time to time. Which enrages mom.) Left to my own devices, I tend to play mostly sports games. In which case, in my opinion, the platform doesn’t matter.

  3. I like Nintendo. I have a Gameboy Advance and actually do want a Wii. But I also enjoy my PS3. And I tend to prefer the more “fun” Sony games like Ratchet & Clank to the intense “mature” fare. (Though the shooter Resistance is pretty sweet.)

  4. I have a Wii and never feel like it’s just for kids. I just enjoy the games Nintendo puts out more than the majority of what’s out there for other systems. Graphics will never be a reason for me to like video games… it’s all about the fun. Nintendo games are just more fun. Plus, can you swing your console controller around and use it as a light saber? No, I didn’t think so.

  5. How is that screwy Wii controller? Tough to get used to?

    I’ve heard that the Wii has become a major party hit with the over-21 crowd. Something about getting friends together to toss a few back and swinging that goofy controller wildly about seems to generate good times and fun for all.

  6. I’m a senior citizen. Wii is the first game tool I’ve enjoyed since the days of “tank” which you played in the student union at a big console. The thing that makes Wii work for me is that it’s exercise that’s do-able and quite intuitive.

  7. as rev. billy says, “playstation 3 is the devil, brother!” i was raised in the age of atari & the original nintendo, but the most expensive game system i’ve ever bought (or had bought for me) was a genesis. i can’t fathom people spending $300 for a video game system, and over $60 for games. talk about consumerism and materialism. babies starve and i spent my paycheck on friggin’ video games? F that!!!

  8. How about “Wii-hab”?! No kidding–I’m presenting at our next teacher conference day on that very thing. I’m a physical therapist working in schools–and it’s also being used in nursing homes!! Cool thing is I get to “sample” it first!!

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