Faith in the face of adversity


There’s an interesting article on Yahoo! Sports today that talks about the tragic death of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor. The story focuses on how the family’s faith – particularly that of Taylor’s father Pedro – is getting them through this difficult time.

As of Tuesday, Jesus Christ was the only answer Taylor’s family and friends could cling to in the death of the 24-year-old man. Taylor’s father, Pedro, who is the police chief in nearby Florida City, repeatedly talked about his and his family’s faith as he spoke with reporters Tuesday night.

“The mood is still the same, God is always in control,” Pedro Taylor said when asked about the change from late Monday, when he and others were hopeful Sean Taylor would recover, only to have those hopes crushed. “We have no control of life or death. It’s in the power of Him. We thank Him for all 24 years of having Sean here. I know it sounds short, but that’s His will.”

This story is no doubt a tragic one. No parent can stand even the thought of burying their child. To see Sean Taylor’s father at peace with God’s will and giving Him glory through the most horrible of circumstances is humbling and inspiring.


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