New feature…

The list of blogs that I subscribe to and read (or more accurately, skim) on a regular basis seems to be growing at a rapid clip. Often times I see something out in the blogsphere that is worth sharing with my readers, but not quite deserving of its own post. I think I may have found a solution…

Under the heading “Elsewhere…” to the left you will see links to the five ten most recent posts that I’ve “shared” via Google Reader. Basically it’s a litany of things pertaining to life, faith and culture (as well as daily offerings from Chronicle) that I’ve stumbled upon that you might find interesting as well. Happy skimming!


2 thoughts on “New feature…

  1. I know. And thank you. There are alot of people who do. But, as a rule, I don’t have an area of my blog where I link to other bloggers. I’m not looking to change that.

    The “Elsewhere…” section is just a dumping ground for links to interesting articles, blog posts, etc. that I come across throughout the course of the day. It’s updated quite frequently and it’s likely something you’ve written will find its way there from time to time.

    Besides, if I linked to your blog I’d end up on a CIA watchlist!

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