What would Bono choose?


 Bono recently sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview. I read it this afternoon and found myself challenged, encouraged, affirmed and annoyed. You should definately check it out.

Here’s a great story from the interview:

I was wandering through France, and I ended up in this vineyard. They asked me to sign the visitors’ book – it was a very posh wine: Petrus – they said, “Do you want to see the other people who have signed here?” I said, “Sure. Show me the first book.” Thomas Jefferson. That makes me laugh so much. Here’s this guy dreaming up an idea called America, drinking some fancy wine. My kind of guy.

There is also an audio companion to this interview which I’ve posted below. Bono is asked which he would choose if he had to pick between being in U2 or his activist work. His answer is insightful.

(ht: SGRWebster – his comment in this post.)


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