Mitt and Rudy fumble on the Bible, Huck recovers

I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now, but just in case…

During last week’s YouTube/CNN Republican debate the following question was asked of the field:

“Do you believe every word of (the Bible)?”

Brilliant question. A litmus test for Evangelical voters. A “look who’s crazy” trap for the far left. Here’s my breakdown.

Rudy Giuliani couldn’t get out of his own way in his attempt to give an account for his beliefs on the inerrancy of Scripture. Let me paraphrase: I, uh, believe in the Bible, (please don’t ask me about the gays). It’s full of wisdom and good ideas on how to live (please don’t ask me about loving my enemies). I’ve really only read parts of it occasionally. Mostly when I’m reaping what I sow because I’ve cheated on my wife or married my cousin. (Please don’t ask me to quote anything!) Did you see me on 9/11! I had a bullhorn!! 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, Saddam Bin Ladin, 9/11!!

Mitt, well, I give Mitt credit for trying. His answer to the question? “I believe the Bible is the Word of God.” (Good start!) That’s the black and white standard answer right? That’s what my advisers tell me anyway. “It’s a guide…” (Just a “guide” Mitt?) And now for Mitt’s secret thoughts… Please, please don’t bring up the fact that my religion believes that the Book of Mormon supersedes the Canon! I’m trying to convince the Evangelicals that it’s safe to vote for me!

Thankfully, Huck bailed them all out.

Here’s my opinion – and take it for what it’s worth – if the single most important thing to you is that you vote for a 2 Timothy 2:15 type of candidate, then you have to pull the lever for Huck in the primaries. If your ideal leader rises and falls based on his genuine ability to handle the Word of Truth when asked to give an account – Huck’s your guy.

(Some may care more about a candidate’s stance on each particular issue. If so, further research is required.)


7 thoughts on “Mitt and Rudy fumble on the Bible, Huck recovers

  1. i have noticed that since chuck norris claimed his allegiance to huck that huck’s popularity has grown immensely. chuck pwns all.

  2. I’m registered as an independent, so I can’t vote in the primaries. But if Huck somehow miraculously gets the GOP nod, he’s going to make my Election Day decision considerably more difficult.

  3. In the last week I’ve seen a few clips of Huck answering questions and man does he sound great. I especially like his answer when asked about creation. He started by saying that was a weird question for someone running for president.

    Spot on.

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