Baby Numbertou!


When I came home during my lunch break on Friday Josiah came running downstairs to greet me at the door. “Daddy, guess what,” he said, “I’m gonna be a big brudder!”

It’s true. We’re expecting our second child this summer!


13 thoughts on “Baby Numbertou!

  1. Thanks. Now everyone can finally know how to pronounce my last name. 😆

    There’s a story behind that. When Cheryl was pregnant with Josiah I used to always joke that if it was a boy I wanted to name him Shanum. Shanum Bertou. Shane Number Two. Get it? Yeah, she thought it was stupid too. 😆

  2. Woohoo! Congrats! (By the way, I like Shanum. It could be like a filter for potential mates…if they don’t get it, well, they don’t pass the test!)

  3. Congrats and blessings!

    Our choir director is called “Buck” (I am in the South don’t ya know). He says he wanted to call his first child “Pail” – that way he could say she was a “Buck-ette”.

  4. Thanks everyone, we’re really excited!

    Now let me handle all of the standard questions:

    #1) We’re not entirely sure how long Cheryl has been pregnant, so we don’t know the due date. Cheryl has an appointment to meet with the doctor in a couple of weeks, we’ll know better then.

    #2) We haven’t decided if we’re going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl yet. We didn’t with Josiah and it really was a lot of fun, so we may go without knowing again.

  5. That’s AWESOME! *happy dances* man… I’m done soon, so can I call you guys? I’d love to hang out sometime (unless you’ve been lying to me about being back in Rochester this whole time)

  6. Congrats!!! We will have number 2 in the next few weeks! Our son, Andrew, is pretty happy and confessed this morning he was hoping I would have the baby just a little early so he could see what his sister looks like. He said it was like knowing what he was getting for Christmas… just not what it looks like. It made me chuckle because all I could think about was the puffy sweater box under the tree 🙂

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