Makin’ some wine…

There’s a place in Rochester called Wines by Design where you can actually make your own wine. Cheryl and I have been wanting to do it for a long time now so we asked a few of our friends to go in on it with us.

It takes about six weeks to make the wine from beginning to end. On Friday night we were finally able to enjoy our finished product as we bottled it up. We even got to design our own labels. We really had a great time and will definitely be doing it again sometime soon!

Below are some pictures. You can click the image to view a larger photo.



10 thoughts on “Makin’ some wine…

  1. We had a great time!!! Thanks for the invite.
    Our 9 remaining bottles will be gone by Christmas….I vote 2 carboys for round 2 (and this time something red)!

  2. regarding picture 001 i skipped over it initially because i thought “well, the balding guy with the button down shirt tucked into his pants cannot be shane”…just bustin your stones…in front of hundreds of readers. i’m sure you’ll have some witty remark about my looks. and knowing you, you have a file about me somewhere with pics and past comments i’ve made!

  3. I got into this using my own grapes..then graduated to any fruit that was looking at all aged!(Give me that apple!*tearing it out of the kids hands* Even made some raisen wine. I eventually got to where I wouldn’t use sulfites. Sadly I had to sell all 4 of my carboys for the next portion of our lives…

  4. Oh, i’m totally missing you guys and the towners, looks like you had so mch fun! Hopefully someday I’ll be able to visit.

  5. I vote 2 carboys for round 2 (and this time something red)!

    I’m definitely on board for making a red. Of course, the ironic thing is that I petitioned for a white because Cheryl doesn’t like red. And now she can’t have any for like the next 18 months anyway!

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