The Knock at the Door


A while back I mentioned that my essay titled Vernon Came Back was going to be published in an upcoming issue of aLife magazine. I got my copy in the mail today and was surprised to see that they gave my essay the back cover! They have also featured my story on the online edition of the magazine.

They gave it a new title and have edited it pretty heavily. It’s kind of fun to compare the original essay with the shorter, more polished version they’ve printed. It barely sounds like my “voice” anymore. But that’s OK, I’m just honored that they selected it for publication.

(Click here to view a PDF of the back cover.)


5 thoughts on “The Knock at the Door

  1. How cool is it that your name is printed on the address label AND on the magazine?! That’s a rare kind of coolness (unless you’re Oprah).

    Congratulations, dude.

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