The secret life of Jan Levinson


Most people know Melora Hardin for her role as Jan Levinson – the tightly wound and recently unemployed love interest of Michael Scott on The Office. However, it appears as though Ms. Hardin has been doing a little moonlighting as of late.

I recently heard her give a radio interview during which she talked about her “second career” as a jazz singer. Apparently she’s been doing it quite a while and even has a CD out titled “Purr” which you can purchase on her website.

While her cabaret style of jazz may not be my personal preference, I have to admit she has a great voice. Here are a couple of sample tracks from the CD.

Melora Hardin – Heaven and Earth

Melora Hardin – All Messed Up


15 thoughts on “The secret life of Jan Levinson

  1. Thank You For Smoking is a great movie.

    I didn’t know this about Ms. Hardin. Very interesting. We were just talking about how loathsome Jan became on the most recent episode of The Office.

  2. The writers are in a tough position. They have to keep them interesting without falling prey to the conventions of TV romances. So far they’ve accomplished it by giving Michael and Jan all the drama.

  3. I was basically done with the Simpsons after season 10 or so because the show just became unfunny and painful to watch. However, I was officially done with the Simpsons after the “A Star is Born-Again” episode in season 14.

    That’s the one where Ned dates the famous actress Sara Sloane. The whole sequence where he tries to consult the Bible to decide if he should sleep with her just bothered me. Expecially since Ned giving in to temptation was so completely out of character.

  4. I felt that way too. Not so much offended that they were thumbing their nose at Christian morality, but more that they were being untrue to one of their best characters.

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