Help Fight the War on Hanukkah!

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6 thoughts on “Help Fight the War on Hanukkah!

  1. Not that I’m aware. But this one – to the best of my knowledge anyway – is a ShaneBertou original. (It’s also probably extremely offensive. I’m oblivious.) So if it does reach meme status you can start lots of conversations at parties with “Hey, I actually know the guy who…”

  2. For the record, I certainly don’t expect anyone to take it seriously. I was just thinking the other day about the absurdity of the whole “War on Christmas” thing. That got me thinking about other religions. Which got me thinking about Hanukkah. And…

    I was just being silly. It’s more a dig hyper-sensitive Christians during the holidays than it is on anything else.

  3. well you know “harrison ford’s a quarter jewish, not too shabby!” and he was a carpenter. hmmmm…interesting 🙂

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