Quote of the Day

“The church has historically labeled suicide an unforgivable sin, as the opportunity for repentance destroys itself with the victims’ final breath. However, before labeling suicide as “the cowards way out,” I think we need to look at our own corporate complicity in these deaths. … A suicide is anything but a personal transgression; it reflects an outright failure of community”

Logan Laituri, a six-year Army veteran with combatant service in Iraq, in a recent commentary titled Soldier Suicides: Counting the Forgotten Casualties of War


One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. I agree with the quote mostly. As a person who works with teens and children with suicidal tendencies, sometimes suicide is the end result of mental illness, often brought on by lack of community, yet, sometimes the community surrounds these individuals and suicide may still happen, unless they’re on a 24 hour watch. There is also those who are, in fact, mentally fine, but emotionally depressed to the point of suicide. This person can have all the support in the world around them, and answer candid point blank questions from concerned friends about their well being, yet…if in the end, they’re not honest about their feelings, there is nothing the community can do. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the community can only do so much if they don’t know anything is wrong. So, the logical response is that a working community should know. Yes…and sometimes how could they know in the face of a person who who hides their feelings. Then again…why is this person hiding so much? Has the community fostered an environment that this person can’t be real? Hmmmmmm…maybe I’m agreeing with this quote more now. It’s fun to think and type at the same time.

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