Project 86 on Joel Osteen: Worlds Collide

Andrew Schwab, lead singer of (one of my most absolute favorite bands) Project 86 recently blogged about his experience reading Joel Osteen’s latest book. (Yeah, I was surprised he had bought it too.) Of course his reaction was that of shock and horror, and his review was loaded with a heavy dose of sarcasm. But when he got to the point where he laid all that aside and offered his sincere thoughts on what he had read, he had plenty of solid observations and words of advice.

What we really want and what we really need are sometimes two very different things. Be cautious when someone promises that faith is a means to a better life. They may be subtly trying to give you a message that may make you feel better, while neglecting what you truly need…to be broken and molded into a devoted servant, not a well-adjusted overachiever.


5 thoughts on “Project 86 on Joel Osteen: Worlds Collide

  1. I’ll admit that I haven’t bought Rival Factions yet. But yes, P86 is among the handful of heavier Christian bands I can still stomach.

    Stavesacre. Blindside. Living Sacrifice (RIP). That’s about it.

  2. I more or less stopped paying attention to the whole Christian rock scene somewhere around 2003. So, I’m familiar with Demon Hunter, but don’t really have any of their stuff.

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