Prince Caspian trailer

Holy YES!

And while we’re speaking of Prince Caspian (for Jim).

(ht: SGRWebster and just about every other media outlet on the web last week. (But he’s getting credit.)]


7 thoughts on “Prince Caspian trailer

  1. I am looking forward to this movie! Of all the Narnia books, I believe this one will translate to the big screen the best. The Trailer makes everything look an order of magnitude larger than I pictured it from the book. Aslan’s Howe looks huge, as does the size of the armies.

  2. dude so long as it’s at least a millionth better than the bbc one, i’m all set. i’ll admit, i found the lion, the witch & the wardrobe a bit childish (i know, they are kids books! but i thought that the 2nd half of the film just had a very “not as cool as LOR” look to it…hard to pontificate). but, there’s no denying my excitement. but yeah dude, the bbc installments are like watching tron or listening to yes. i think if you do both simutaneously you will actually be sucked into a black hole of awfulness. someone call mythbusters 🙂

  3. thanks for the credit, shane

    if it sucks, please forget you found it on my blog

    if not, I’m still operating at a huge “blog coolness” deficit

  4. I guess it’s time to confess that I’ve never really read much of the Narnia series. I read the “Magician’s Nephew” when I was pretty young. And I think that’s about it.

    Yes tiamhdha, the first movie was a bit kiddish. But, like you said, what do you expect from a children’s book? But it wasn’t too kiddish, as we still haven’t let Josiah watch our DVD copy. There are a few sequences that we think will scare him.

    (My kid’s seen every episode from the first nine seasons of the Simpsons numerous times, but he can’t see “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?” Talk about inconsistent parenting! 😆 )

    SGRWebster, I highly doubt it’s going to suck. And I dig your blog. Quit being so insecure! 😆

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