Since I consider you all to be friends…

This Christmas we decided to use the money we would have otherwise spent on Christmas cards and postage to do something to help others in need.

We’ve donated a brood of chicks to a family through Samaritan’s Purse in honor of all our friends and family. A brood of chicks, ducks or other poultry can provide enough eggs to feed a family, with some left over to sell at the market. This will help feed an impoverished family, as well as help them sustain themselves economically.

We emailed a digital version of our Christmas card to everyone today. If you didn’t get one it just means we don’t have your email address. But fear not! Here is a link where you can download our Christmas card and letter in .pdf format. If you wish to print it to add to your Christmas card display, it will fit on a half page if aligned horizontally (landscape).

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Since I consider you all to be friends…

  1. Shane,

    I’ve seen Rochester on the news many times these last few days. Is all well? How many feet of snow?

    We’re off school today.

  2. I’m not totally sure what the final tally was on the snowfall, but I’m sure we got over a foot. Maybe a foot and a half. Digging out from under it wasn’t too bad, we just had to shovel the driveway several times throughout the course of the day. (And then I still had to dig out to get to work this morning.)

    But the snow couldn’t have been too bad. It didn’t stop the Hannah Montanna concert!

  3. Love it:

    “I’m just an ordinary girl…”

    (with a 500 million dollar bank account.

    Even my Hannah knows about her.

    God help us.

  4. Great idea, bro.

    Thanks, but I can’t take credit for it. My wife came up with it. Initially I was concerned that people would be annoyed with getting an “eCard.” But thus far the response has been positive.

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