A Win!! (Just let me have it)

I think I just blew a gasket celebrating the Dolphins’ first win of the season. Yes, I know they still suck. Just let me enjoy the moment will ya!?!

Greg Camarillo for president!

I haven’t been this happy since December 10, 2006 (the Dolphins last win).

Sing with me: “I get by with a little help from my friends.”



5 thoughts on “A Win!! (Just let me have it)

  1. Was Don Shula there? Did he get even older on camera. Haste the day a team goes undefeated so the walking dead have no reason to congregate and toast thier prune juice.

  2. I am equally annoyed with the ’72 Dolphins and their annual “celebration.” I think it’s low-class and I hope someday it ends.

    However, each year that passes and that record remains intact, I think I appreciate what they accomplished a little bit more.

    So conflicted.

    (Good to see you.)

  3. well, they only beat two teams over .500 in their undefeated season. so…yeah, ’85 bears are way better 🙂

    and not to further rain on your parade butrose, but i kind of wanted them to lose all their games. i mean, c’mon, a franchise having both an undefeated season AND a winless season would be amazing!!!

  4. I was conflicted. I would have loved it if it went down that way. But let’s face it, the Dolphins are not going to beat the Pats. Even if the Patriots start their second string the Dolphins don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades.

    But it sure would have been one of those magical historic football moments. Like when they beat the ’85 Bears, but much, much better.

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