I cannot freaking wait!


15 thoughts on “I cannot freaking wait!

  1. I wanted with every fiber of my being to be at this game on New Year’s Day. I was planning to buy a handful of tickets, maybe sell some on eBay or StubHub to pay for my own.

    Then it sold out in under a half an hour. 70-some-odd-thousand tickets sold in about 25 minutes. (And they say the Western NY economy is in the crapper! Hah!)

    I was sad.

    So I’m doing the next best thing. Watching the game with some good friends (occasionally checking in on the Gators and Wolverines in the Capitol One Bowl too) and gorging myself on pizza and chicken wings.

  2. on that note, Go Blue!

    As a MIchigan fan, I am obliged to say this, although I know that Michigan will surrender at least 6 touchdowns to the newly minted Heisman winner.

    His stats this year (as you profiled in a previous post) are just sick

  3. His stats this year (as you profiled in a previous post) are just sick

    Apparently my uncle isn’t so impressed. I was sharing my dissapointment with him – also a Dolphins fan – that Tebow isn’t eligible for this year’s draft as the Dolphins will have the #1 pick. I rattled off his statline for this season, to which he replied “Yeah, but that’s only college.”

    By that rationale no NCAA quarterback should ever be considered in the NFL draft.

    Anyway. Back to the Sabres – winners of like ten straight!

  4. Since we’re on the subject of Florida vs. Michigan, how about a wager?

    If Michigan wins, you send me that God’s Politics book you mentioned today.

    If Florida wins, I’ll send you this extra copy of the 2008 Capital One Bowl Media Guide that I just received.

    I’ve had that book on my amazon.com wishlist for a couple years now, and I was thinking today that I ought to send you that spare guide since you’re such a Florida man.


  5. Well…

    I don’t own God’s Politics – I borrowed it from the library. Spending money on books is for suckers. Don’t you live in Ann Arbor? They have seven copies of it in their library.

    What the heck does one do with a media guide anyway? 😆

  6. HA! I’m a sucker for hard copies.

    No, I live about 30 minutes west of A2. I should give my two local libraries a look though.

    Media Guide = 136 pages of stats on both teams. It’s what the guys calling the game use for information. It’s an overload of info, but very fun stuff to browse through, and a great coffee table piece during the game. (And a collectors item for those that are into that kind of thing).

  7. I always see those things in thrift store shelves. I should start picking them up and selling them on eBay.

    I do buy books occasionally. But it’s kind of the same way I buy music and movies. I have to be relatively certain I’m going to enjoy the book and want to read it again before I spend money on it. I use the library pretty heavily for stuff I’m curious about but can’t committ too.

    I’ll be watching the game with a Michigan fan. But he’s probably about as much a Michigan fan as I am a Gator. No one cares about college football in NY.

    Dangit! How’d this become a Capitol One Bowl thread?

  8. Let’s see if I can rank my favorites…

    1. MLB
    2. NFL
    3. College Football
    4. NBA
    5. College Basketball
    6. Golf
    7. High School Sports
    8. American Gladiators
    9. Cricket?

  9. Yeah, I ended up a loser on both ends. I cared more about the Sabres loss to the Penguins than I did the Capitol One bowl. We really didn’t watch much of the Florida/Michigan game.

  10. One of the best football games of the year. (even if Michigan had lost)

    Well played, hard hitting, great execution.

    Michigan was finally healthy, and it showed.

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