Meet the Candidates


(Jim mentioned this in a comment to an older post, which made me think it probably deserves it’s own.)

For the past year Meet the Press has been inviting the various candidates to come on the show for a one-on-one chat with Tim Russert. The series is called “Meet the Candidates” and all of the major candidates have appeared for a one hour segment in which they discuss their platform (and get peppered by Russert’s uncanny knack for digging up rare quotes from the candidate’s past).

If you find yourself still uncertain which candidate you are leaning toward as we enter the primaries, it might be worth your while to invest a little time catching up on what you’ve missed. Each candidate’s segment is available to watch on the site, along with footage from past Meet the Press appearances. I just finished watching listening to Ron Paul’s appearance and I’m looking forward to catching up on a few I’ve missed later in the week.

On a related note, this coming Sunday both Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee will be appearing on the show. I’m not certain if they’ll be squaring off, or if they will be appearing separately. Either way it should be worth tuning in (or setting the DVR – for those of you who aren’t home on Sunday mornings).


3 thoughts on “Meet the Candidates

  1. in all honesty, i thought ron paul came off uneducated about the ideas he’s proposing. now, in his defense, i’m sure he doesn’t have the same size research team at his disposal like some of the other more established candidates, but he did look a little naive about his ideas.
    it annoyed me that russert was, for the most part, only questioning ron paul about quotes from his presidential run in 1988 rather than his quotes about the issues today.
    anyway, i’m still voting for the crazy cat.

  2. but he did look a little naive about his ideas.

    That’s the problem with idealist candidates in my opinion. I mean, yeah sure, let’s get rid of income tax and bring all our troops home. Who can’t get on board with that?

    But if you don’t know how many troops we have overseas, or why they are where they are – and you don’t have any kind of a plan in place (or even a vague idea) of what you’d cut if you suddenly take away a giant chunk of the Federal government’s revenue – well, now you start coming off as a kooky old codger.

    He’s running on a platform that will never get through Congress in any way shape or form. We can’t get the two sides together on how best to spend the money they currently have. Paul’s going to get them to agree to 86 the income tax?

    it sure seemed to me like Russert was just paying “gotcha” with Paul

    That’s Russert’s shtick. Dig up whatever ancient quotes you can that will make the candidate squirm and deliver it with a poo-eatin’ grin. He does it for everyone. I thought Guiliani’s head was going to explode when he interrogated him about his girlfriend’s taxpayer paid security force.

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