The Songza Remains the Same

Occasionally things get mentioned in the comments that deserve their own post. Especially when they’re as cool as Songza.

Cathy turned me on to this one. Songza is a “music search engine & internet jukebox” that allows you to build a playlist of digital music hosted on the web. Looking for a particular tune? Enter it into the search engine and Songza tracks down the song you’re looking for. It then plays it through an embedded Flash player on the site. You can even build a playlist of your favorite tracks that will stay around until you clear your cookies.

However, there are some drawbacks. For the most part it seems to only be pulling audio from videos on YouTube. So your search may be limited by the selection on that and the handful of other sites it might be borrowing from. The site would also be inifinately cooler if there were a login feature so you could save your playlist permanently, as well as RSS feeds so you could share your selections with others using feed readers.

I can’t help but think that YouTube wouldn’t be too cool with Songza borrowing their content, especially with no links or credit given. My guess is that they either haven’t heard of this site yet (unlikely) or may be monitoring its potential in the marketplace. YouTunes anyone? Cheap downloads of audio tracks from videos? Personalized playlists, social networking? Hmmm. It’s got potential…


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