Robbie Seay on American Idol?


Last night Cheryl and I were watching something on Fox when a tune caught my ear during the commercial break. At first I was like, “Hey, I know this song.” Then I was like, “Is that the Robbie Seay Band?” Then I was like, “Holy crap, they’re playing Robbie Seay!”

Apparently Fox is using the tune “Rise,” from their latest album Give Yourself Away as the promo for the upcoming season of American Idol. You can view one of the spots here. It’s not the one we saw last night, but it is part of a series of commercials featuring the song.

The Robbie Seay Band continues to be part of a dying breed – namely, Christian bands that I really like. But even on the Christian music “scene” they’re still relatively unknown. This is obviously a surprising development. Good for them!

Robbie Seay Band -Rise


11 thoughts on “Robbie Seay on American Idol?

  1. I found out about the Robbie Seay Band first through a guest live performance with David Crowder and then Relevant Magazine offered Give Yourself Away for free on their website. Now I’m hooked. Good stuff.

  2. My introduction was at the end of Donald Miller’s rewrite of his first book called Through Painted Deserts. He had a big “ad” at the end where he said it was all he listened to during the rewriting process.

    If you haven’t yet, buy their album Better Days. Fantastic.

  3. I’ve never much gotten into RSB, but haven’t listened to them too much either… on a total side note, are you bringing AFC back? I noticed the new link on the side, and the updated site… It looks good – NOOMA @ Bogey’s huh? I thought that place closed? I hear that sponsoring church, Emmaus, is still going strong, eh?

  4. Hah! Yeah, I just imported all the old posts into the new site, so there’s obviously some outdated stuff on there.

    We’re (sort of) bringing Ardent back. I’m not going to blitz this thing at all, we’re going to go very slowly. I’m only putting like one thing on the calendar per month. With everyone gone, we’re starting completely from scratch. There really isn’t anyone involved right now.

  5. fantastic record.

    Downloaded it for free when RELEVANT ran the promo.

    I have since bought twice for friends & family.

    Please get that record as quickly as possible.

  6. Hey Shane,

    Just noticed the post on the RS Band. Very cool And also saw the post on Everything Must Change by McLaren–I’m about 70 pages in so far–amazing read.

    I have been spending time on the web recently looking for readers who stay current with the culture and also express their thoughts on following the teachings of Jesus by BLOG entries. I say this because I am a writer and would very much like to hear your feedback (as a reader) on the first chapter of a book I have nearly completed: MATHETES.

    If you are available and willing to share your comments, you can send me a note at Many thanks.


    Austin Bonds

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