Fantasy Football and NFL Pick ‘Em: 2007 Season Recap

With the close of another NFL season, it is once again time to crown the champions of both the Fantasy Football and Pick’Em leagues.


First up is Fantasy Football ’07. After starting the season with Matt Leinart and Jon Kitna at quarterback, the Iggles took a gamble on a little known quarterback named Derek Anderson. It paid off big time as Tim’s team went on to post an 11-2 record – the best record by a champion thus far.

2007: Tim Binkele (11-2)
2006: Jim Entwistle (9-4)
2005: Scott Brown (8-5)
2004: John Keane (7-7)
2003: Steven Wayne (6-5-2)


Score one for the ladies! My wife Cheryl finished first in the 2007 NFL Pick ‘Em league this year. We had 17 people participate, the most thus far. While it was close for a while, she pulled away in the end with an impressive 167 total correct picks.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the leagues this year. As always it was a lot of fun. Fantasy Baseball and the NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em are up next, so keep your eyes peeled!


7 thoughts on “ Fantasy Football and NFL Pick ‘Em: 2007 Season Recap

  1. Woo hoo! I can’t believe I won. Where’s the trophy, where’s the accolades, where’s the cash? All I get are bragging rights? Well I take that at least. 🙂

  2. i had to call it quits when i forgot to do my picks before going home for thanksgiving and therefore got every game for that week wrong. damnit! then again, always picking the bears wasn’t working out all the best for me anyways 🙂

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