A Classic New Years Day


The Sabres on TV, a plate of wings, a couple of Labatt Blues, and spending time with good friends. I really can’t imagine a better way to ring in 2008.

The game could not have been better if it were scripted. How cool was it to see so much snow falling during a hockey game? Both teams wearing their old school uniforms. Overtime. A shootout. Sydney Crosby’s game winner. Oh, and not to mention over 71,000 fans in attendance. What an awesome day for hockey!

I seriously hope that the NHL considers doing the Winter Classic every New Years Day. There are enough cold weather cities in the NHL to be able to take this thing around the league. It could be the shot in the arm hockey needs to bring more eyes back to the sport.

Did anyone tune in? Even for a minute? What did you think?


15 thoughts on “A Classic New Years Day

  1. Wake me up on January 7th. Apart from the BCS Championship game I couldn’t care less about most of the college bowl games. I didn’t really watch any of the Gators loss to Michigan, and got bored with the Rose Bowl in the first half.

    I’m glad the NHL gave sports fans an alternative to meaningless bowl games on New Years Day. It was cool to see something so unique. It was a bigger deal for me, of course, because it featured the Sabres, and Sabres hockey is much higher on my radar than college football. But college football in general really isn’t a big deal in this part of the country. I’ve never gotten into the whole New Years Day bowl game thing.

  2. If there were a college football team worth following within a 600 mile radius there might be more interest in college football around here. When Syracuse was good – late-80s and early-90s – there was a little more interest. But it’s just not a part of the culture here at all.

  3. The NHL and NBC should be commended for giving sports fans an alternative on New Year’s Day and I hope the league picked up at least a few new fans while re-enforcing for its existing fans why they love the game in the first place. I really enjoyed the Winter Classic and hope it becomes an annual event.

  4. I really enjoyed the Winter Classic and hope it becomes an annual event.

    The rumor is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh may play outdoors next season.

    It was fun to watch, and great for the fans in Buffalo and Pittsburgh, and hockey fans in general. It really was a nice event. I hope they do it every year.

  5. I can confirm that rumor as I am in the Philly area. The talk is they would have the game at Penn State’s stadium in the “middle” of PA, allowing for fans of both teams/everyone in the state of PA to have an equal shot at attending. The danger there is not that many folks from either city decidee to trek that far and you have a small crowd. Four hours from Philly and a couple from Pitt. Best they have the game at the Steelers’ or Eagles’ stadiums to ensure a large on-hand, albeit one-sided presence. Obviously, they want to have Sidney Crosby involved so the Pens are likely to be half the equation no matter what.

  6. Well, as a point of comparison, there were quite a few Pens fans at the game yesterday. So diehard fans will travel a few hours for something like this. But having the game in Buffalo obviously helped the overall attendance. So, I agree with you – they should do it in one of those two cities and not a neutral site.

  7. it was AMAZING! dude, being a bruins fan is bad enough (don’t let them being ok right now fool you), but i don’t have VS on my cable, so i don’t get to watch anything but the bruins. which hurts. so this was wicked pissah. not only does the nhl need to realize that this should be an annual event, but they should GET OFF OF THE STUPID VS. CHANNEL!!!

  8. The decision to sever ties with ESPN was not a good move. But I don’t know how much of that was on ESPN and how much of that was the NHL.

    Two years ago you could only see Sabres games on Vs., so I watched it alot. It’s not a bad network, much better now than it was then. But it’s not in very many markets. And if not for hockey all you’d ever get is MMA and rodeo on that network.

    C’mon man, just pony up the dough and by the Center Ice package!

  9. Oh, and on a note I know you’d appreciate…

    Props to our beloved RIT Tigers for taking down 14th ranked Minnesota last week. Of course, they then turned around and lost to Boston College 6-0.

    But for a team with limited scholarships and only a couple years of D1 under their belt – they did our city proud!

  10. i watch the recaps of each game on youtube. the nhl channel on there is good, they have those and weekly best of’s and whatnot. though that’s basically the same as watching sportscenter, i suppose (you’re with me, leather!)

    oh and one highlight of the game that i forgot to mention was the retro sweaters. i loved that old sabres logo.

    but butrose, dont’ talk about college hockey. it’s far too painful a topic this year for me and fellow mainers 😦

  11. It was a great game! My 15 year old son was there, the rest of us were watching from our nice and warm house! The only thing better would have been the Sabres winning!

  12. The only thing better would have been the Sabres winning!

    You know what though? The game was so entertaining, and it was such a positive thing for our region, the NHL and the Sabres that I’m really not too bummed about the loss. Besides, at least they got a point in the standings!

    but butrose, dont’ talk about college hockey. it’s far too painful a topic this year for me and fellow mainers

    Dude, what’s up with the Bears this year? 6-8-2??

  13. i said stop! i can’t take it! this is the worst season the program has had in my lifetime…i think. i must go weep into my pillow. (and now you know why hockey talk has not occurred in my blog!)

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