Our first glimpse…


Today Cheryl and I went for the baby’s first sonogram. Her midwife wanted to get a more accurate prediction of the due date, so we were able to get an early peek at the baby. Based on her measurements they think she’s in her 10th week of pregnancy (8th week of gestation). We finally have a due date: July 28th. We also know for sure that we’re only having one, so hopefully everyone can finally stop with the extremely annoying talk of twins.

That first glimpse is always an amazing moment. The baby was really active, so we were even able to see it kick its little legs and squirm around. You can go here to see some really cool 3-D photos of what a baby (not ours) looks like at this stage.


We were also able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, which is always a jolt back to reality. The baby’s heart rate was 174 bpm, which is apparently pretty quick. And if you put any stock into folklore it could be an indication that we’re having a girl!


9 thoughts on “Our first glimpse…

  1. So THAT is what the “YES!” was for on my phone today, right?! I’m psyched for you guys and am more happy than words can express!!

  2. What does your son think?

    He seems excited. Every day he and Cheryl look at this baby book that a friend lent us that shows 3D photos of the baby each step of the way. He was excited to learn that the baby has now outgrown its tail. He loved that it had a tail.

    But in other ways he’s having a problem processing it we think. Yesterday he asked if he was going to have to move in with my mom and dad when the baby comes. I think he’s working through what his role is going to be, and what it’s going to mean for him.

    Congrats, bro!

    Thanks man, it’s finally starting to feel real – a little bit. For a few weeks there it really seemed like someone else’s news.

    congrats, it’s totally a girl! those old wives know what they’re talking about!

    Well at the very least we already have a girl’s name picked out. On the other hand, neither of us want to raise a teenage girl. For completely different reasons. 😆

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