New issue of RELEVANT Magazine out now!



The January/February issue of RELEVANT Magazine hit my mailbox yesterday and it looks like – once again – there’s a ton of great stuff to chew on. I took a few minutes to thumb through it and I’m really looking forward to spending some time with it over the next two months. I’m especially looking forward to the interview with Rob Bell.

If you don’t subscribe to RELEVANT already, you really should check it out.

Highlights from the current issue are in the comment section. You can view additional content and a Flash preview here.



5 thoughts on “New issue of RELEVANT Magazine out now!

  1. Highlights from the January/February issue of RELEVANT Magazine:

    Rob Bell Tells It Like It Is
    Though each Sunday he preaches at his 10,000-member church in Michigan, Rob Bell’s profile has exploded, as he is becoming one of the most influential leaders in the Church. In an interview with RELEVANT, Bell talks about the direction of the Church, politics and why criticism doesn’t even phase him.

    Politics 08: Special Section
    With contributions by Joel Hunter and Jim Wallis, RELEVANT dissects to the 2008 presidential election with commentary about politics, the role of faith in government and a voter’s guide breakdown of the major candidates for both parties.

    Nas: Street Disciple?
    His controversial upcoming album, called N****r, has drawn scorn and praise from the hip-hop world, but the rapper says that his motivation is righteous. Can he take the power away from a term associated with hate or is his latest record just a publicity stunt?

    Counter Culture: Justin Williams
    In this edition of Counter Culture, we profile Justin Williams, the founder of 963 Missions. Williams explains the goals of the organization and what contributed to the idea of opening up a private line of coffee as a fundraiser for missions.

    Revolution: Freed From Slavery
    Even in the modern day United States, slavery and human trafficking remains a major problem effecting thousands. RELEVANT tells the story of one group of Zambian boys who helped expose a trafficking operation, and we give resources to readers looking to help.

    A Response to New Atheism
    Books by high profile atheists including Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have become staples of bestsellers lists, and they all have one thing in common—they seek to disprove the existence of God. We take a look at the New Atheism movement and what some academic Christians are doing to engage it.

    Deeper Walk: Make It Beautiful
    When God created the earth, it may not have been the lush paradise many people envision. Winn Collier looks at how, just like in the beginning, God desires to send His children into barren places and make them beautiful.

    Silencing the Roar
    Children’s Hope director Tom Davis examines how we are all called to claim God’s kingdom, especially when that means helping those suffering from the HIV/AIDS. And sometimes the difference between life and death is just $1.

    Introducing the Klash: A Q&A with guy behind Buy Shoes. Save Lives
    When two Americans moved to Northern Iraq, it didn’t take long to see a huge problem—children in need of medical care, and families without the ability to pay for it. Now the pair beind “Buy Shoes. Save Lives” sells hand-made shoes with legendary Iraqi origins to benefit families in need.

    Bling Free Is the Way to Be
    With the holidays coming to a close, it’s easy to still be caught up in the spending frenzy. But, as Jason Boyett explains, there’s a reason why most self-made millionaires are so frugal and why “bling free” is really the way to be.

  2. Looking forward to plowing through mine as well. It’s sitting on the back of my toilet as we speak…

    BTW, I don’t know if it started yet, but they’re supposed to be making it into a monthly.

  3. They’ve sort of started. They did a September/October issue, then a November issue, then a December. But now they did a January/February? I don’t get it, but looking forward to monthly when it’s totally up and running.

    They should take a poll to see how many people keep their issue of RELEVANT in the bathroom. That’s what I do most of my reading, now you…

  4. BTW – the crew from Relevant put out a great (and hilarious) podcast! I can not recommend it enough. Go get it now – seriously – go – NOW!

  5. We used to listen to the RELEVANT Podcast pretty heavilly while we were living in Gainesville. Since returning home we’ve been a bit more busy and spend much less time driving around in our car. So we get to it occasionally, but there’s a pile of unheard ones sitting on iTunes.

    Pretty entertaining though.

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