Top 20 baby!


This story means absolutely nothing to any of you, but I don’t give a darn.

The RIT Tigers are currently ranked 17th in the USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine NCAA Division 1 hockey poll. And this is awesome for the following reasons:

  • In only their third season playing hockey at the D1 level, the Tigers have quickly made a name for themselves (and our city) on the national stage. Especially after taking down #12 Minnesota last week.
  • Because the rest of RIT’s athletic teams still compete at the Division III level, they are not able to offer any scholarships to their players. No hockey mercenaries on our squad. Just a bunch of wicked smart tech geeks with a nose for the crease.



2 thoughts on “Top 20 baby!

  1. ok, you know college hockey is my meat (the red sox are my potatoes)!!! but this only reminds me of the doldrums the umaine hockey program is currently in. excuse me, i must weep.

  2. Sorry to talk college hockey bro. But now I have a reason to!

    On the one hand, it should make you cringe that a 3rd year D1 school with no scholarships is better than your Bears this season.

    But if it makes you feel any better, RIT should have been a D1 school a long time ago. They’ve been a perennial powerhouse at D3, and have won titled in both D3 and D2. They’re no newbies to the hockey scene. Just a little too small to have played with the big boys until now.

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