Confessions of a CF Husband


I received a message on Facebook over the weekend from Jim’s wife asking me to post something about some friends of hers. Typically, I don’t pass along prayer requests through my blog, and I initially wasn’t planning on making this an exception. But I spent some time reading this story this afternoon and now I’m pretty much invested.

This guy has been maintaining a blog for the past several months in which he talks about his wife’s experiences with Cystic Fibrosis. She had been a candidate for a double lung transplant until they discovered that they were pregnant with their first child. Now both his newborn daughter (25 week preemie)  and the love of his life are in the fight of their lives at the hospital while, somehow, this guy keeps it together long enough to update the world on their progress.

I’ve read every post from December 2007 to present. This guy’s faith is inspiring. Please add him, his wife and their baby to your prayer list.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a CF Husband

  1. thanks shane. i really can’t stop going to check how they are doing. i have never met them and i feel so connected.

    by the way are you guys finding out what you are having?

  2. i really can’t stop going to check how they are doing.

    I really need to turn you on to RSS feed readers. I use Google Reader. As a result, I rarely need to “go” anywhere on the internet. The internet comes to me. 😉

    To answer your question, we’re not sure. We didn’t with Josiah and we really enjoyed that experience. But this time around it feels a little different and there may be pragmatic reasons to find out. It’ll help us prepare Josiah, we’ll know our baby needs (ie, whether we have a use for our attic full of boys clothes), etc.

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