Dirt: Heavy Manners – Full CD Listening Party!


After a six year hiatus Dirt (Shadow of the Locust) returns with a brand new full length album titled Heavy Manners. It officially releases on January 28th, but you can be one of the first to hear it in its entirety here! Dirt has even made the album available for pre-sale on iTunes just for you!

Musically, this is by far Dirt’s best effort to date. He blends beats, samples, movie quotes, blues riffs and even a little White Stripes into a sonic assault that hits your ears from all directions.

Spiritually, Dirt wears his heart on his sleeve. Whether he’s talking about his struggles with depression and anger, or casting himself in a modern telling of the story of David and Bathsheba as he tackles the issues of porn and lust in “Red Handed,” Dirt challenges himself and his listeners with honesty and conviction.

Click play and enjoy. And be sure to tell Dirt thanks for giving you all a sneak peek!


Dirt – Heavy Manners


8 thoughts on “Dirt: Heavy Manners – Full CD Listening Party!

  1. I guess in some respects hes like the hip hop version of the pre faith crisis Bazan. And I would prolly like his music if it wasn’t hip hop. I generally dont get along well with repetitive hooks.

    The adultery song is great!
    1. it uses the word nipple and that makes me laugh wheever I hear it.

    2. It is real and genuine.

    Reminds me alot of Pedro’s Rapture

  2. he looks cool, and sounds ok, but i don’t generally dig on “slow” hip hop. i need my tunes to be a little more upbeat. to each his own.

  3. Sorry. I promised him I would only make it available for a limited time to help with its launch. It’s still available on iTunes – so you can hear samples there if you’re interested.

  4. dirt is great. i think his POV on various subjects is odd and off kilter, but i LOVE his underground vibe.

    in my opinion, he peaked when he first dropped “Plague” back in 97.

    Mustard Seed is probably the most radio friendly, mainstream song he did and it’s on that album.

    my brother HATES hip hop, but has that tune on his ipod. it’s the only one.

    of course, my brother also owns EVERY SINGLE FREAKING ALBUM that Joy Electric has ever done, so you can draw your own conclusions about his musical tastes.

    regardless, i’ve only heard a smattering of “heavy manners” and it’s good…i’d like to hear the whole thing.

    i still talk to merle. you need to put up a discussion board like the old school locust fist site where we all became such good friends. : )

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