MacWorld Live!


For those of you who are into this sort of thing, this guy is live blogging Steve Jobs’ presentation at MacWorld.

So far, no new jaw-dropping announcements. But some cool tweaks to the existing product line. And we finally found out what was “In the Air.” It turns out to be the MacBook Air – the world’s thinnest laptop! (And I mean THIN!)

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4 thoughts on “MacWorld Live!

  1. Coolest things so far:

    – No computer needed for Apple TV (Take 2). Jobs admitted it was a failure. Now movies can be rented from iTunes directly from box. Free software upgrade for all previous Apple TV customers. (Ouch Netflix!) Apple TV also can now show Flickr photos

    – 20th Century FOX announced all DVDs will come with iTunes compatible files of the movies to drag to your portable devices.

    – The Air is crazy thin! I mean CRAZY thin!

  2. I don’t think NetFlix has to worry about Apple TV just yet. I don’t think it exists in the public consciousness the way iPod does (again, yet). And many of the people (like me) who are open to new tech would still prefer physical disc rental/collection to streaming or downloading. I’m at a point where I download most of my music and rarely buy CDs, but when it comes to video content I’m not quite there yet.

  3. Not to mention Netflix still wipes the floor with Apple TV in terms of price as with Apple TV you’re still looking at $3-$5 per “rental.”

    Plus, what’s the cost of Netflix’s new download hardware compared to Apple TV? If they’re under $200 they still might have an edge. (Although, that Fox announcement shakes things up a little.)

    (Oh, and I meant Apple TV and not iTV when we touched on this on your blog.)

    However, as someone who currently doesn’t use Netflix and is already leaning pretty heavy toward Mac for my next computer purchase (not to mention an iPod and iTunes devotee), I have to admit I’d probably consider Apple TV before Netflix as it stands right now.

  4. There’s not even a comparison w/ Netflix at this point.

    Not only does the price point of $3-$5 not even compete with the local stores, you have to purchase extra equipment.

    Netflix already allows you to watch movies for free (with your contract) on your computer. And they will soon offer a box to shuffle those onto your television.

    Apple will have to fix that price point before they compete on any level. I’m already receiving a minimum of 12 movies a month right now for $18. With Apple that would have cost me $36, plus I’d only have 24 hours to watch the movie.

    Initial thoughts… BOO!

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