I told you it was thin!

Anyone have a spare $1,800 they could send my way?


16 thoughts on “I told you it was thin!

  1. Yeah, the third time I watched it – after coming back from my covetous stupor – I thought to myself – “Sheesh, nothing that costs $2,000 should be that small and (presumably) fragile!”

    The weird thing – no CD/DVD drive.

  2. But the MacBook Pro’s most distinguishing feature is what it doesn’t have – an optical drive. One can buy an external SuperDrive that connects via USB for $99, but Jobs argued that people won’t bother. “We don’t think most users will miss the optical drive or need the optical drive,” Jobs said. As an alternative Jobs said the MacBook Air will be able to access the optical drives of other Macs or PCs over a wireless network.

    The omission of an optical drive recalls Jobs’ introduction of the first iMac in 1997, which omitted a floppy disk drive (though external ones could be purchased as an option). Clearly Jobs foresees optical media – CDs and DVDs – suffering the same fate as floppies. – Baltimore Sun

    I guess with installation software, music and now even movies becoming more prevalent in digital formats we may soon see the end of CD/DVDs.

  3. But floppies died to make way for a superior disc format. I think it will take a huge leap forward in downloading, streaming, and wireless technology to get us off of hard media. It will be amazing when it happens, but it doesn’t feel like we’re on the cusp of such advances quite yet.

  4. I agree.

    I also still miss the concept of the floppy. Now that we have the little flash thumb drives though, I don’t miss them as much. But having something that can quickly transfer (without burning) is very convenient.

  5. It looks great but I just don’t like the idea of having to pay extra for opitcal drives. The early days of the iMac were terrible with no floppy drives available. I was working in the computer lab at school. We had one patron that would come in and yell at us because he bought a computer without a disk drive and a printer. Some how it was our fault he couldn’t print out his papers.

  6. But having something that can quickly transfer (without burning) is very convenient.

    Exactly. Which is why we don’t need optical drives. I know that the general market isn’t there yet, but the general market isn’t going to be buying the first generation of the MacBook Air at $1,800 a pop either. But they will be there eventually.

    I personally have just about zero use for a CD/DVD drive. All my music is on mp3 (they even make car stereos with USB inputs now!). If I need to save a file and take it with me, well, that’s why they make flash drives. You can get a 1GB keychain flash drive for under $20 now! I don’t watch movies on my computer. But I guess if I did, I could just get them from iTunes or Netflix in a downloadable format. I don’t think I’ve used more than five or six CD/DVD-R’s in the past two years.

    The point about the iMac is that they were ahead of the curve in seeing the eventual demise of the floppy. Yeah, there were dudes like that guy Dee was talking about that were pissed at first, but in the long run, Apple was right.

  7. Do you think Apple is trying to force the demise of the audio CD? Making the downloaded album the only way to go. Thus making iTunes more valuable?

    I still LOVE my albums on CD!

  8. It’s weird. When I do buy a hard copy of a CD the very first thing I do is rip it to mp3, store it on my external hard drive and put it on my iPod. Then the CD goes on a shelf never to be heard from again.

    I don’t know if Apple has it in them to force the demise of the audio CD. But with iTunes, iPod, Apple TV, etc., they sure are making the case for all-digital media much more appealing, user-friendly and accessible. Which makes the consumer’s life a whole lot easier if they just make the switch to Apple.

    (I say this as a Apple/Mac lover who still rocks a PC. Not for long, but still…)

  9. Yeah, I embarked on that project about two years ago. It took me months to convert all of my CDs to mp3. I now have a 100 GB external hard drive nearly full of music and shelves full of dusty old CDs. (I’ve been thinking it’s time to sell them all.)

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