Sex from the pulpit


This past Sunday I heard two different pastors from two different churches talk about sex during their sermons.

One giggled his way through the subject while giving it the typical “Christianese” treatment – offering little practical insight or Biblical instruction other than to tell a room full of adults that “God says no.” While the other pastor really talked about sex.

I’ll let you decide which one Mark Driscoll was.

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9 thoughts on “Sex from the pulpit

  1. i’d also like to know who the giggly preacher was, but then again, it could have been anyone. the vast majority of preachers couldn’t preach openly and honestly about sex if they wanted to.

    it kills me that Grainger did a popular series on Sex, then every other church in the country copped it – and they were all equally LAME!

    if any of these preachers had any real friends who were non-beleivers, then they would realize how far out of touch with reality they really are….

  2. fundamentalists and evangelicals are OBSESSED with sex. think about it. what the #1 topic of gossip at nyack? what are the hot button issues for the religious right – abortion & gay marriage – both involve sex. it’s ridiculous. let people live however they want, God judges them and it’s between them and him. who cares how anyone gets off…or doesn’t.

  3. Sort of. I mean, I can get with wanting to keep from being judgmental toward others. But it’s not like Scripture is exactly silent on the issue. Consequently, anyone who is going to teach the Scriptures really shouldn’t be either. Especially when being asked his opinion.

    It’s always a fine line. Proclaiming God’s truth and word (call me a fundamentalist – I’ll wear it when it fits) while keeping from judging others.

    Oh, and regarding the “other” pastor. Local fella, that none of you guys would know. I just happened to be there. (I wouldn’t give his name or church publicly anyway.)

    To be fair, he tread lightly and probably should have. His crowd isn’t Driscoll’s and there were children present. And his sermon wasn’t about sex, the larger context was decision making in general.

    It was just that Cheryl and I were, I dunno, disappointed that he didn’t have anything else to say about the matter. Like Driscoll’s congregation, it was a room with alot of new believers and non-Christians. There was no real talk about great sex is, what it symbolizes, why God created it, etc. It was just “God said no outside of marriage, you can get diseases, or worse yet, you can get pregnant.”

    I didn’t expect him to bring it Driscoll style. It would have been largely inappropriate. But the message Cheryl and I got out of it was rather uninspiring and seemed to only perpetuate the uber-prude legalist perception of Christian sex and marriage.

    I think when it’s time to have “the talk” with Josiah I’m going to also take him through Rob Bell’s “Sex God” and have him watch this video with me.

  4. i shouldn’t have been so limited in my proclamation of who’s obsessed with sex – b/c everyone is! and that’s probably what bothers me about the christian obsession w/ it…we should have more important things to focus on. my feeling is that God is much more concerned with how you treat others than if you can’t live up to the damned near impossible standard we have of sex only within the sacrament of marriage. (why impossible if God says it’s the way to be? well, adolescence was created by industrialization. the reason a jewish kid becomes an “adult” at age 13 is b/c for thousands of years that’s how it actually worked – you hit puberty and you weren’t a child, you were an adult, and adults get married. you weren’t expected to date for years and not have sex – biologically speaking that’s insane – though obviously i have done the insane. God isn’t cruel. God didn’t create us to have to suffer with sexuality the way we now are forced to…in my opinion).

  5. Dude…tell me you listened to our sermon series for “Sex God” @ Safe Harbor…? I’d like to think we weren’t giggly about it, and although I love Mark Driscoll, sometimes people don’t respond to someone being SO in your face. I think this is a subject that needs to be broached, talked about, discussed, etc., but tact is nice too. 🙂

  6. I didn’t listen to Luke’s “Sex God” sermon. Having read Bell’s book I didn’t feel the need to. 😉

    The thing about teaching is that people are different. Different methods of dealing with this topic connect with different people in different ways.

    I love Driscoll because he is true to his convictions. He’s under alot of pressure to soften his views on things like homosexuality, abortion, etc. And he’s faced a great deal of criticism as a result. But while I don’t always like the way he says things, or wish he’d find more creative ways of expressing his opinions, he’s consistent. I can respect that.

    Bell’s “Sex God” connected with me in a completely different way. I’m sure some of the more “seeker oriented” Crystal-Lite methods of talking about this topic have worked for other pastors too.

    And the you have guys like who are right in the lion’s den, so to speak.

    The “God says no” approach never worked for me. I couldn’t look at the sex crazed world I lived in and say that was a very effective way of engaging culture on the topic of sex. But I’m sure it was all others ever needed to know or consider. And that’s fine too.

  7. Well, our series was VERY loosely based on the book, so I would recommend listening. Maybe I’m bias… 😉

    When it comes to teaching on the subject, I personally am more for Driscoll’s approach, but I know so many people who have been touched by XXX Church and Rob Bell, so I can’t discount either of them. I’m just glad people are talking about it!

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