Did you enjoy the audition?

Alright. Thus far I’ve avoided the pressure of publicly selecting a candidate. And thus far – despite my undeniable bias – I’ve managed to steer clear. (Although observant readers may have already figured it out…)

Tonight the top three candidates for the DNC nomination went head-to-head. Of the three, one of them stood out as the obvious front-runner, while the others seemed to be auditioning for the VP slot.

And by the end of the night, it seemed to me like Edwards and Obama were far more cordial with one another while teaming up on Hillary.


You tell me.


5 thoughts on “Did you enjoy the audition?

  1. well clearly there’s no way clinton or obama could be one of the other’s VP’s, since they are engaged in a freakin’ blood feud right now that makes the bush -v- kerry debates look like kittens hugging. seriously! i’m waiting for tires to get slashed and houses to get tp’d. and i’ve lost any respect i had for mr. clinton, the dude is going overboard as this pitbull, out there attacking someone who dare run against his wife! and i just think it’s sad that mrs. clinton & obama are attacking each other so viciously, b/c they should be aligned in the fact that they are still both senators who are supposed to be on the same side. but that’s politics for you.

    edwards is most likely going to be the VP candidate again. i had thought that he’d have to be the DNP candidate for the dems to win, considering hillary is so widely disliked and obama is…well, you know…a black dude. plus, no non-southern dem has been president since JFK. but, he’s out of the chase. and the clinton-v-obama battle is only going to get uglier. sadly.

    and we’ve all known you’re an obama man from day 1, skippy 🙂

  2. is any one else offended by all of the “black president” questions that come up at the debates, specifically the one last night about Bill Clinton being the first “black president”. And Obama has to just keep laughing it off or defending himself. And play along like he did last night. It’s somewhat sickening to me. Anyway, I’m not for any of the Dems but it still bothers me as a human that it keeps coming up over and over. Stupid old generation….LET IT GO ALREADY.

  3. jimmy is right. and i was suprised to hear on the radio today that americans (according to some poll) are “more ready” for a black president than a female president. i just think it’s b/c of who the female is that’s running 🙂

  4. Wow, I’m surprised to hear that too but maybe because I’m in such a pro-Clinton area. I know quite a few people who will vote for Hilary because they feel “it’s time for a female President”. They will vote for a woman with no regard as to whether or not she is the right woman for the job. Change for the sake of change. Then again, a lot of people felt it was time for an evangelical President and… you know.

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