May I recommend…

As the Presidential race picks up speed, allow me to recommend a book I read some time ago which really challenged my thinking on the issues and the role of faith in politics.


6 thoughts on “May I recommend…

  1. his new one is going to have to wait…i have been waiting for becky garrison’s new book forever. plus, you know…i have about 200 unread books staring at me right now 🙂

  2. I really had to work through this book but it was worth it. His new one, “The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith and Politics in a Post-Religious Right America” looks pretty interesting, too. I just have to get $$$ together to pick it up so it can go into my pile of “Man, I really need to read this” books!

  3. I saw Wallis promoting his new book on “a Daily Show” last week. Disappointing. The first time he was on the show to promote God’s Politics, he and Stewart referred to scripture. It was an amiable and effective testimony. This time he kept referring to the increase of interest in “spirituality” as a sign for hope. (I think that interest has been around for a while and with no real effect to be seen.) I can’t put my finger on why, but I had the impression that Wallis has “sold out”.

    I’ve been interested in the social justice stream of Christianity for a long time now, but more and more I see traveling it is a hazardous voyage. It’s sad because I don’t want to take refuge behind a wall of evangelism only because that’s not right either. Hmm. The short of it is, it’s hard to be a Christian.

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