Aw, how cute!

This 11 year old girl can field-strip and reassemble an AR-15 in under a minute. That’s so precious!


12 thoughts on “Aw, how cute!

  1. at first i thought “well that’s normal back home” but i suppose military weapons are quite different from hunting rifles. now, if it was a 30-ot-6, i’d say “that’s what it means to be from maine!” 🙂

    oh btw, did you know the inventor of the machine gun is from my ma’s home town of sangerville, me? tis true:

  2. 11 year old need to field strip assault rifles in preparation for RAHOWA, of course! or for scenarios in tim lahey books. one or the other 🙂

  3. Wonder how many 11 yr old boys or girls were killed this past year either accidently or purposely by and AR-15.

    The feeling I get from watching that is wierd I genuinely feel sick to the stomach.

  4. I guess its all about where you are from etc cause I knew how to pull apart and clean my first shotgun by the time I was 10. Now granted that is no AR-15 but that hardly makes me sick to my stomach nor scares me at all. Ohh no this girls daddy taught her how to pull apart a gun!!!

  5. I have a weird relationship with guns.

    I grew up in a rural part of Western NY, surrounded by many hunters and recreational shooters. Many of my uncles are hunters, as well as several of my current friends. I have venison in my freezer at this moment as a result.

    On the other hand, I currently live in one of the most violent cities in America. Rochester has one of the highest per-capita rates of violent crime and murder in the country. 99% of the time these crimes involve… you guessed it… guns.

    So on the one hand I support gun owner’s rights to posses firearms for hunting and sport. Heck, even to defend themselves against the British.

    But on the other hand. I hate them. I’m using the word “hate” here. About guns.

    So this video hits me kind of weird. For one, I have a problem with anyone having access to military grade weaponry. Legal or otherwise. Then to see a young child handling such a weapon so skillfully, it just feels kinda icky to me.

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