Anyone remember Chasing Furies?

Chasing Furies hit the alt/Christian music scene somewhere around 1997. Their debut album With Abandon was quickly embraced by alot of folks who were itching for an edgier pop sound (ie, better than Plumb).

They released their debut album. Did a little touring. Created a ton of buzz. Then *poof* they were gone. (Go here for more on that story.)

For those who were disappointed with Chasing Furies’ short tenure on the Christian music scene, I have good news! Lead singer Sarah MacIntosh is back with a new record titled The Waiters, the Watchers, the Listeners, the Keepers & Me. And it sounds very similar to her previous band.

Here’s a sample. You can also hear several complete songs on her website.

Sarah MacIntosh – Sunshine


8 thoughts on “Anyone remember Chasing Furies?

  1. Dee, it took me a minute to make the connection. I was all, “what’s Luna Halo have to do with anything?”

    Got it now.

    Her husband Johnathan is a member of Luna Halo. He was also a member of the pop group Reality Check. Which, if I’m not mistaken had some sort of Nyack College/Richter family connection.

    Josh? Tim? Am I right about that?

  2. It does sound somewhat different, but still good. I just dug up my copy of With Abandon a month or two ago and wondered what happened. Thanks for the update!

  3. Eleven years have passed. I wouldn’t expect her sound to be exactly the same as it was with Chasing Furies. But in both cases, she’s the primary songwriter. So there are notable comparisons.

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