If you wouldn’t mind praying…

Just a quick prayer request.

As I type this my mother is undergoing surgery to have a pacemaker installed. Over the weekend she had a spell where her heart rate was very erratic. When they admitted her to the hospital they tried to normalize things through medication, which slowed her heart rate to below 40 (normal is like 70-90). It stayed that way for a couple days, so the doctors admitted her to ICU and eventually decided it would be best to go ahead an install a pacemaker in an attempt to take care of things once and for all.

She’s had issues in the past – a heart attack about 10 years ago, open heart surgery and other spells similar to this weekend’s since. With all she’s been through already, this is little more than a speed-bump comparatively. But still, whenever someone is tinkering with your ticker it can be a little unnerving

So if you could just please pray that her surgery would go well, that she’d get plenty of rest and would be able to heal up quickly. And pray that after this is all said and done she will have some peace of mind.


5 thoughts on “If you wouldn’t mind praying…

  1. Just got back from the hospital. Mom’s doing great. Drugged up and incoherent, but her heart rate is normal, blood pressure’s good too. Hopefully she’ll sleep well tonight and will be able to go home either tomorrow or Thursday.

  2. Mom continues to do well. She got some sleep last night and is up and around this morning. She’s having lunch now and will be heading home this afternoon. Six weeks until she can return to work.

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