Sheesh. Abortion, sex trafficking, radical Islam – this place has been a real downer lately. Let’s lighten things up shall we?

Lab puppies. God’s crowning creative achievement? Discuss.


12 thoughts on “Puppies!

  1. i prefer the newfoundland. what a wonderful province newfoundland & labrador is, giving the world 2 such magnificent breeds o’ pup 🙂

  2. Newfoundlands look like little bears. Great dogs but man, they HAVE to shed a TON!

    I’m alright with Golden Retrievers. They’re basically labs.

    How about Weimaraners? They’re one of the dogs on our short list for possible future pet considerations.

  3. Weimaraners are wild compared to a retriever but about on par with a lab. They have a very nice personality but are very very protective of smaller children. For instance a day care lady that lived in our neighborhood had one of these dogs and it became so attached to the children it used to get mad when their parents came to take them home etc.

    I tell you though all three of the dogs you mention in your post could be very good pets if you put the proper time in with them each day. I would expect you would be happy with the choice of a weimaraner cause everyone I know that has had them only buys those dogs for life so there must be something to it.

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