Updated (Twice): Super Bowl XLII – Call your shot!


Just a little over eight hours and counting until kickoff and for whatever reason I never brought it up until now.

I have a ton of respect for the Patriots and Tom Brady, but I am going to have to go with my heart. Even though the Dolphins’ perfect season happened long before I was born, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind if their record was broken. (Yes, I know the Patriots already have a better overall record than the ’72 Dolphins, but I’m of the opinion that the Pats need to win it all to truly match their accomplishment.)

If the Patriots win, the Dolphins perfect season is no longer a part of the conversation. It’s a different era, and much harder to do now than it was 35 years ago. Not only that but the Patriots would have done it in much more impressive fashion than the Dolphins.

Not only that but I really want to see Eli Manning win a Super Bowl. For all the criticism that kid faces, well, he’s in the Super Bowl. With a chance to win one much quicker than Peyton did. I find that amusing.

There’s also the New York versus Boston factor. My hatred of the Boston Red Sox pretty much spills over into the NFL as well. (Then again, I’m a Celtics fan. What can I say, I’m an enigma.)

Anyway, I’m rambling at this point. Bottom line, I’ll be rooting for the Giants but have a hard time picking against the Patriots.

Patriots 34, Giants 28

Update: Ok, I have no idea how I’ve missed this thus far. But apparently Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin not only is a local boy (Waterloo), but was the head coach of the RIT football team in the ’70s. That pretty much seals the deal. GO GIANTS!!

Update #2 (Timestamp 7:55 PM EST) : My halftime prediction… Tom Petty will play “Won’t Back Down” and “American Girls.”


6 thoughts on “Updated (Twice): Super Bowl XLII – Call your shot!

  1. The Patriots are a 12-point favorite with oddsmakers as they try to become the second team in league history to win all their regular-season games and the title. The 1972 Miami Dolphins went 17-0, beating the Washington Redskins 14-7 in the Super Bowl.

    Jim Kiick, who was a running back for the undefeated Dolphins, said that as a New Jersey resident his heart is with the Giants. His head, Kiick added, says New England prevails.

    “To go against their perfection would be crazy,” the Lincoln Park, New Jersey, native said in an interview.

    Got to go with everyone else, and go pats.

  2. It’s not every day an NCAA quarterback’s fansite stops by. Thanks for contributing.

    I think they’ll win. And normally I “root for history.” But I just can’t bring myself to do it in this case.

  3. go pats! yes tom brady is an annoying pretty boy, but i’m a homer to the bone. plus, they’re playing a NY team, so there you go 🙂

    i’m thinking 33-24. or 57-0. either way.

    i’m just glad it’s here b/c let me tell you, living 20 minutes from foxboro and no red sox news means waaaaaaay too much boring analysis during the 2 week wait. seriously, they need to just make it a week and get it over with! but yeah…pats win. i just wish they’d wear the old jerseys for this one, do it up for john hannah, stanley morgan and andre tippett!

  4. I hate them both, I just can’t figure out which team is worse in my mind. I’ll push past my loathing and desire for catastrophe and take the Pats in a BLOWOUT 42-13.

    OK, I really hate the Giants.

  5. as an Eagles fan i can feel tim’s pain. but i think with how much i hate the patriots i would be rooting for dallas if they were in it!
    (however, i think there is a greater chance of a giants collapse than a patriots collapse).
    Pats 31, Giants 20

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