Yes We Can!

(ht: Tim Binkele)


9 thoughts on “Yes We Can!

  1. So apparently in this election your choices are to vote for a candidate because of fear or to vote for a candidate because of hope.

  2. Cheryl, that’s mostly true.

    I think it represents a basic shift in cultural/generational philosophy, that while issues are important (I am not downplaying them at all) people really just want to be inspired and given permission to change- themselves, their communities and their world. Apparently people respond well to hope.

    Too bad our generation never really had that. We have been crippled for the most part by cynicism, which is why this is like breathing for the first time for so many people.

    If only there were a people who operated with hope as one of their basic motivators and then lived out of that motivation like people who really had hope.

  3. Bad math

    Hope = Vote
    Yes we can heal this nation
    Yes we can repair this world

    This are not true statements from the position postion that he is speaking from regardless of whether or not he believes them to be true. Obama may be genuine and honest in his belief that government can “change” lives but the type of change he speaks of a change to justice and equality a change that heals our nation and a change that repairs this world are not changes that come from government.

    There are changes that can be potentially aided by government but the only real way any of those changes can effectively happen is through Christ. I think Christians really need to get past this idea of hope coming from some political party or a best selling autor. Hope comes in Christ and Christ alone. I believe those changes Obama speaks of can be brought about in this world not by the next president but by followers of Christ who are living Christs life in thier daily settings. It’s feeding the poor, comforting the orphan and widow, caring for the girl who just walked out of the clinic after making a bad mistake, dialouging with those you dissagree with over a cup of coffee instead of a picket line. It’s delivering the ONLY message of hope that Christ died for and is deperately in love with each individual in this world. Christ = Hope that is good math. Christians need to usher hope in.

    Im not for or against Obama. I just believe emphatically that there is no genuine hope to be found in the rulers of our world.

  4. John, I completely agree. I agree that hope that produces a lasting and eternal result is only from Christ and his followers bringing it to the lost and hopeless. This does not make me a Republican or a Democrat.
    My theory behind voting for Ron Paul is that he is the candidate that says let the people decide where their money goes, stop trying to police the world, and let people help each other/ help themselves. I don’t want a government that takes a big chunk of my money and just gives it away to the poor…i mean seriously, name one government program that truly works the way it was intended.
    I would rather have my money and give it through my church, or have it to open my home up, or have it to buy a cup of coffee to discuss issues over.
    I don’t like fear. And I don’t like blind hope. I would rather be the body of Christ with as much freedom and cash to do it and little interference from the government.
    But, alas, we’ll have Obama for president. We’ll see how it all turns out.

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