My current reading stack.


Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach. What’s on your stack?

(Update: I swear I never saw this post before. Sheer coincidence that they’re nearly identical. but now that I have seen it, and Billy has commented, I feel the need to ht: BillyBurnett.)


15 thoughts on “My current reading stack.

  1. Just now reading it. I’ve read Sex God, listened to just about all of Rob Bell’s sermons for the past two years, seen a good number of NOOMA’s – but have yet to read all of Velvet Elvis. I’ve picked off a few chapters in Barnes and Noble, and have read random sections here or there (mostly from the “Rob Bell’s a Heretic” sites), but never the whole thing.

  2. oh man i need to do one of these. can you fit about 200 books in a pic??? 🙂

    we’ve both got mclaren. i keep planning on starting, but then i think “wait, do i need a group for this thing?” plus, rock of love 2 always seems to be on. OH DON’T LIE, YOU ALL LOVE IT AND YOU KNOW IT!!!

  3. we’ve both got mclaren. i keep planning on starting, but then i think “wait, do i need a group for this thing?

    Hey, I’m interested in doing this here. Maybe we pick a section a week to all read and reflect on? Set a start date far enough ahead that we can get others involved? Let’s talk about it more, message me on Facebook so we don’t clutter up this thread.

  4. Since we are talking books, I get to make my own learning contract for my Advanced Communication class. I would really like to read some fiction. I miss fiction and the art of story-telling. Any suggestions? I’d also like to read some non fiction books that are not Christian that regular people are talking about or being influenced by. Thanks for the help!

  5. Right now I need to finish Community and the Politics of Place (one of the best books on American government and society I’ve heard of in awhile-the other being the God’s Politics book you recommended, Shane). Then I will finish rereading The Making and Unmaking of Technological Society: How Christianity Can Save Modernity From Itself (highly recommend) and Crazy Busy. Plus Greek textbooks, which is fun to add in the mix-especially if you want to take learning it seriously, haha!

  6. Great minds do think a like. Thanks for the ht. Although I do own Thompson Chain Reference its not in there. My Moleskine always is setting on top of my pile.If I don’t write stuff down I forget it in two seconds.

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