When Angels & Serpents Dance

There was a point in time when I was really (really) into P.O.D.. After their falling out with Marcos I just sort of fell out of love with their sound more and more with each subsequent release. I didn’t even bother listening to Testify.

Now Marcos is back. The original lineup is together again with a brand new album hitting stores April 4th. Will it live up to past glory? You tell me.

P.O.D. – When Angels & Serpents Dance


6 thoughts on “When Angels & Serpents Dance

  1. I like it. I sounds like a return to their Satellite roots a little more than their Southtown roots. Thankfully, I’ll be receiving the full album in the next few weeks from their publicist for review on ‘The Christian Manifesto.’ Thanks for hitting up the site. Keep checkin’ back.

  2. I always check your feed every few days so I end up commenting late.

    So Testify was one of my favorite albums. The other one with Jason Truby was ok considering they sort of just pushed it out in a short time after parting with Marcos. Testify should have and could have been a lot bigger. Especially with one of the best and most radio-worthy songs featuring Matisyahu at the peak of his fame, but the label didn’t push it at all it seemed.

    This song sounds good, though. I hope the album rocks.

  3. There is genarally a reason labels don’t push something. Usually, it’s because they know it won’t sell. (ie, EVERYONE thinks it sucks.)

    However. I am willing to be repentent if I’m wrong about “Testify.”

    So who’s going to hook me up with an illegal (ie, free) download to prove I’m wrong?) 😉

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