Everything Must Change…


My buddy Tim and I are planning a little online reading collaborative based on Brian McLaren’s latest book Everything Must Change. We’re inviting others to join us in the adventure. We’re hoping that other bloggers, readers, and lurkers will participate as we journey through this book as a community.

We’re still working our way through the details, so stay tuned. But in the mean time… Any interest?


13 thoughts on “Everything Must Change…

  1. Fantastic idea! If I wasn’t already reading 26 other books for my classes, I’d be in. I’d love to jump in after this semester ends.

  2. One of the great things about doing this online is that it’ll be posted for public consumption indefinitely. We’ll be reading it in “real time,” but I can imagine someone contributing their thoughts months, maybe even years, later.

  3. I can’t decide if I want to dedicate a unique blog to it (yet another thing to keep track of), or just find a way to incorporate it into this one (to get lost in the shuffle of regular posts).

  4. I won’t make any promises, but I’ll try to interject some thoughts into the discussion every now and then. I thought the first half of the book (the first 150 pages) were pretty good. However, I think it went south in the second half. I think this was due mainly to my political beliefs however.

  5. We’re going to set it up in a way where anyone can chime in at any point. A group of us will be reading it together, so it may take us a while to catch up some of those who have already started. But we’re opening things up to anyone who has read, is reading, or who may someday read the book.

    I will definitely keep everyone in the loop. I’ll probably have something for you this weekend.

  6. I strongly suggest Shelfari, or some other book reading community. I’m doing a study of Foster’s Celebration of Discipline in the Shelfari Spiritual Formation Group and even if interest flags, as it seems to have done lately, the discussion exists for others to chime into at another time. Group members are made aware when new discussion takes place.

  7. I got your comment about this idea…I’d love to participate– I already read the book, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go back and read through it again. Keep me posted on what’s happening with it.

  8. I strongly suggest Shelfari, or some other book reading community.

    I considered that, but opted to do it the way we are because it’s much more inclusive. People don’t have to sign up or join anything to participate. And it will be out there forever, so anyone can join in at any point!

  9. Shane,

    Hey, saw your post at my blog.

    I’d be happy to check in here from time to time on EMC. I agreed to do a series of posts already on my own blog, and am working on those now, but I’m happy to see what happens here and chime in when the mood strikes 🙂

    Thanks for the invite.


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