Why does this stuff always happen in Buffalo?

Florida Panters forward Richard Zednik had his neck slashed by a teammate’s skate in a freak accident during a game in Buffalo last night. The accident was eerily reminiscent of the Clint Malarchuk incident, which took place in Buffalo in March of 1989.

Thankfully doctors were able to stop the massive bleeding and Zednik is in stable condition in a Buffalo hospital.

One interesting side-note: The doctor who pinched the artery and stopped the bleeding was Les Bisson, one of the doctors who quite possibly saved Buffalo Bills safety Kevin Everett’s life back in September.

On second thought, my kid is never playing hockey! Or visiting the city of Buffalo for that matter!!


5 thoughts on “Why does this stuff always happen in Buffalo?

  1. come on now, butrose, let the boy play hockey! if i have kids – sons or daughters – i’ll at least try to dupe them into playing. i mean, the emotional damage of raising him to be a dolphins fan will probably be worse then freak jugular slashing accidents! 🙂

  2. This was something to see that is for sure.

    Also remember little man could get hurt falling down stairs due to lack of coordination derived from not learning to skate at an early age. So if you have him skating soon he is less likely to get injured from a freak stair walking incident.

  3. Hockey technology is improving and they now make turtle-neck guards made of kevlar. The main issue is not finding something to protect the neck but getting people to wear the neck protectors. There are so many people in the league that I play in that just don’t wear them for no reason, even though it is a league rule to have them on.

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