Gee. Disposable diapers don’t have to destroy the environment?

Lately we’ve found ourselves trying to make adjustments in our lifestyle in order to reduce the amount of waste our family produces – particularly when it comes to plastics and non-biodegradable materials.

With a baby on the way, one of the biggest areas of concern for us has been finding a reasonable diaper solution. Disposable diapers are unacceptable due to their incredibly negative environmental impact, and cloth diapers are just plain nasty. Without a diaper service in our area, we felt as though there might not be any hope of finding an answer to our dilemma.

Just when we thought all hope was lost, a good friend of ours discovered gDiapers!

gDiapers are completely biodegradable, breaking down in about 50 days in landfills (compared to the 500 years it takes disposable diapers!). But wait, there’s more!

Besides being biodegradable – which is awesome – they’re also flushable! The diapers almost completely break apart and dissolve in the toilet. No more stinky diapers in the garbage!

Cheryl babysits for the friend who discovered them and has had a chance to take gDiapers for a test run. So far the reviews are fabulous! So fabulous, in fact, that we’ve taken the Diaper Genie off the registry (it’s just more plastic waste and they never work that great anyway).

(Those of you in the Rochester area can find gDiapers products at the Wegmans locations in Pittsford and on Latta Rd.)


14 thoughts on “Gee. Disposable diapers don’t have to destroy the environment?

  1. they’re also expensive. go with Cricketts, you can click my web link to go to their site.

    yeah, ditch the diaper genie … if you want to know more, email me, we’ve been doing cloth for the last 6 months.

  2. The startup costs for the gDiapers are not too overwhelming. After that, the inserts don’t cost that much more than “regular” diapers. (This according to my wife, I’d have no idea.) Worth the extra cost for the convenience of being able to flush, in her opinion.

    I’ll pass the word along to her about Crickets. Historically though, cloth has been “the icky option.” Plus we haven’t wanted to do 8 million extra loads of wash each month.

  3. I dno’t know how do they stay on, or am I being gullible?

    There are three parts to the gDiapers diaper. The outside “shell” looks kind of like a normal diaper, with velcro fasteners, made of a washable material.

    Then there is a liner that snaps to the inside of that, also washable.

    The flushable/disposable part is what they call the “diaper.” It’s basically just a pad that slips inside the liner.

    It sounds a little confusing. But if you watch the videos on their website you’ll see it clearer. it took me a while to understand how it worked:

  4. well, we haven’t reached 8 million, but it has been about 2-3 times per week. since our washing machine is in our apartment, it’s not that big a deal.

    so, i understand it’s not for everyone. kudos for you two for trying something other than the conventional disposables.

  5. Yeah, it’s definitely her call regarding the amount of laundry. I pitch in, but she does the bulk of it.

    Plus blowouts seem like they’d be particularly nasty in with cloth diapers.

    I’m sure she’d be interested in hearing more if you care to share your experiences.

  6. I’ll definitely check out the Crickettts diapers. Thanks for the info.

    I’m loving the gdiapers so far. I changed two on Monday, one #1 and one #2 and the gdiapers held up great. They seem to absorb some of the smell too. And since you flush the stinky part anyway smell isn’t really much of an issue. The liner only gets dirty if it’s #2 and then you can just wash it in the sink and it dries in 10 minutes. The outer diaper rarely if never gets dirty so you just reuse that.

    They stay on very easily. The liner has elastic that fits around the edges of the diaper/inner part so that it stays in place very well. The outer cloth diaper velcros on around the back so the baby can’t undo it. 🙂 The video on their website defiantly helps. 🙂

    I read a lot of reviews about them and the only complaint I saw semi-consistently was that sometimes they leaked at night but our friends have had no issues with that with their 8 month old and regular old disposables leak at night too sometimes so . . .

    I love that the outer diaper and liner are made with a non PVC nylon instead of a regular plastic too because when you do eventually get rid of them they will biodegrade more quickly too.

    And since we can get them locally the cost is less (no shipping) and will probably just about equal the cost of disposables.

  7. Manly conversation here.

    Anyhow…we have gdiapers…but, we use a cloth insert instead of the very expensive biodegradable inserts which we save for an emergency.

    About cloth diapers. While my wife does most of the laundering, I can say, that going cloth is well worth it, and the “nasty” (which is subjective) is a small price to pay for the health of your baby, health of the environment, and wealth of your pocketbook. There are cloth diapering methods which make it just not so nasty.

    Poop goes in the toilet..and well…so does our baby’s poop…we just flick it in there and wash what’s left. I don’t mind the fact that my work shirts smell like poop and pee…it reminds me of my daughter all day…just kidding.

    Seriously..there is TONS of info online about cloth diapering…it’s worth looking into.

  8. Man. Cloth diaper advocates are almost as militant as breast feeding/organic food/Mac computer advocates! 😆

    Cheryl got to test drive some cloth diapers yesterday. Not sure how it went.

    We still are partial to the fact that gDiapers inserts are flushable. No messes. No extra laundry. No stank nasty diapers in your garbage.

    And they’re not that much more expensive than conventional disposables. At least according to the research Cheryl did. (Keep in mind, since we can buy them locally, we don’t have to pay shipping.) So far our feeling is it’s worth the extra money for the convenience of being able to flush them.

  9. Hi,am kenyan,am i so glad to hear bout the gdiaper.i’ll surelly try to look for it.ave got a one year old,and i feel so bad using the diaper and ave bin tryn to look 4 a way to desroy them but its nearly impossible.thank you so much for the insight.

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