Star Wars: The Clone Wars


This morning the official Star Wars website announced that there will be a new feature length film hitting theaters this summer. Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be released in American theaters on August 15th, and will be followed by a brand new television series which debuts on the Cartoon Network in the fall.

The theatrical debut of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is only the beginning of all-new Star Wars adventures that continue in the fall when the long-awaited television series premieres on Cartoon Network, followed by airings on TNT. … Star Wars: The Clone Wars showcases an entirely new look and feel to the galaxy far, far away — combining the expansive scope of the Star Wars Saga with state-of-the-art computer-generated animation. Each week, viewers will see a thrilling, 30-minute “mini-movie” created by the talented artists at Lucasfilm Animation.

The Bertou household is officially psyched!


10 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  1. I’m just looking forward to more Star Wars related stuff to watch with my kid.

    We haven’t gotten too far with the live action movies in the past. He gets bored with the original trilogy, I get nauseous with the prequels. Maybe this CGI stuff will be a nice middle ground for us both.

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