I wanted to believe Roger Clemens, I really did. But now I just can’t bring myself to even give him the benefit of the doubt.

Misremembered? That’s your best defense?


7 thoughts on “Misremembered?

  1. and jim and i were saying what is this congress’s business anyway? why are we wasting our tax dollars listening to all this? not that we think he should ‘get away with it’ or whatever (since he did really get away with it) but why congress?

  2. I can sorta see how it all fits into the “War on Drugs,” and worthy of federal investigation. Not Clemens specifically, but the entire sports and HGH/Steroids investigation that has been taking place for several years now. But I don’t think anyone sees this as anything other than posturing on the part of the Congressional Committee.

  3. Does “misremembered” belong in the pantheon with words like “Strategery”

    Must be a Texas thing.

    What’s with the Republicans defending Clemens and the Democrats coming after him?

    Usually, the defendant would be a sympathetic figure for the left.

    What gives?

  4. Hey the guy did go the TU (Univeristy of Texas), we shouldn’t be surprised he did a little illegal drugs. Of course, the drugs in question are PED not the usual street stuff.

  5. i think this balances it all out. if the hitters AND the pitchers were juicing, it’s fair game, right? right?!?! doesn’t it just make you feel dumb for getting into the ’98 home run chase and all the juicers have done? hmph.

    i know you might expect me to hate on roger d/t the pinstripes, but dude was a hero to little ol’ pre-teen shooting practice me 🙂 http://www.weblogimages.com/v.p?uid=tiamhdha&pid=345737&sid=FTU72hrDE7

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