Sex Sells. Children. For $10 Billion a Year.

Dan Portnoy, a web acquaintance of mine, recently relocated to Los Angeles to come on board as the associate producer of The SOLD Project – a “collective awareness and call to action” against sex slavery and child prostitution in Southeast Asia.

I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this project, which is scheduled to be released later in 2008. I’m hoping to help bring it to Rochester in some way, shape or form when the nationwide tour kicks off in June. (If you’d like to help bring it to your city, you can contact them here.)

The group is currently accepting donations to help pay for the film’s completion under the not-for-profit umbrella of the Harrison Center for the Arts.


2 thoughts on “Sex Sells. Children. For $10 Billion a Year.

  1. My sister, a physician assistant, traveled to Southeast Asia last year with the president of Justice for Children International. She passed through the “red light” district, visited safe houses, orphanages, and even met with a man who travels from remote village to village educating community leaders in efforts to prevent children from being taken.

    Thanks for posting your article. These kids need a voice. Their parents don’t have the resources and my sister said the judges who prosecute people who “sell” children usually only have a 6th grade education level. The income level of judges, police, etc is so low the government officials will often take brides.

  2. Thanks Shane for shouting from your internet pedestal. We should have some production Diary stuff out in 2 weeks. I’ll make sure I send it your way.

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