Live-blogging the Democratic Debate


I will be live-blogging the Democratic debate tonight on CNN. There will likely be a JW Dundee’s Porter involved somewhere along the way.

If you find yourself watching the debate in front of a computer tonight, feel free to stop by and post your thoughts!


18 thoughts on “Live-blogging the Democratic Debate

  1. Preliminary thoughts:

    – I’d expect Clinton to come out swinging, all her hopes ride on Ohio and Texas at this point. However, if she comes off too strong she runs the risk of turning the crowd against her early. Measured aggression. That’s the key for her tonight I think.

    – I expect Michelle Obama’s comments from earlier in the week to come up. It will be interesting to see how Barack handles it. My guess, he’ll downplay it. He’ll say something along the lines of “Michelle, like alot of Americans, is sensing excitement over the very real hunger and desire for change that is sweeping the country. She’s proud to see folks of different political, racial, and cultural believing that we can change the politics in Washington. Alot of folks, like myself, have never been more proud to call themselves Americans than they are right now.” Or something to that effect.

    – Don’t be surprised if this comes up as well. Obama is working hard to make his candidacy a candidacy “of the people.” This story highlights the “special interest” and “politics as usual” that he contrasts himself against. If I were him, I’d hit this one pretty hard.

  2. Opening comments…

    Every politician does this – but do we need the “I met someone in your town who is facing X,Y,Z extreme circumstances…”

    Every politician, every town, all the time.

    “Washington has become a place where good ideas go to die.” – Obama

    Decent line.

    “An America that is as good as its promise.” A much better line!

  3. Si. Muchas importanto.

    Fidel out of the gate eh?

    Hillary: I’ll talk to Cuba once they show they are going to change toward democracy. I wouldn’t meet with him until there is evidence that change is happening. Presidential visit not offered or given without evidence of this.

    Obama: I would meet without preconditions, but there needs to be preparation. Human rights on the agenda. Important for US to not only talk to its friends, but to also talk to its enemies.

    That’s consistent with what they’ve each said all along regarding discussions with our “enemies.”

    They really didn’t say much different from one another.

    Great Kennedy quote by Obama. “We should never negotiate out of fear, but we should never fear to negotiate.”

    Hillary’s caution in offering presidential visits is interesting. Seems like she wants to take baby steps toward dialoge, versus Obama who seems to be willing to talk to whomever, whenever. Not sure how I feel really…

    Obama’s point about sending the message that “we stand above” is a good one.


    I’m still not sure what I feel the government should do about the mortgage crises. I mean, people’s poor decision making is a big part of the problem. Should the government penalize the banks because of this?

    Wait, George Bush is waging war on science? Apart from the stem cell issue, what else?

  4. The porter, a excellent choice my friend.

    It’s almost out of season, so I figured I better enjoy it while I could.

    Immigration. Hillary’s “path to legalization” sounds like soft amnesty.

    Obama – Critical that we tone down the rhetoric concerning immigration. Amen! “We are a nation of laws, and we are a nation of immigrants. And we can reconcile those two things.” Great point.

    (Am I the only one who really doesn’t think learning English should be a requirement?)

    Border fence. I never was in love with the idea. Hillary’s point about “where it makes sense” seems plausible.

    Ever notice how much Hillary goes after Bush?

    Barack’s right. The idea that we’ll deport 12 million people is ridiculous.

    Crowd seemed to love what Obama said about the “Dream Act.”

  5. First break. Thus far I’d have to say there’s been nothing too unexpected. Obama and Clinton’s policies are very similar, neither has taken any jabs at the other.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the gloves come off in round two.

  6. Gloves are coming off, I guarantee. Hillary brought up the whole thing about the Obama surrogate who couldn’t name an accomplishment of his in that television interview.

    Obama’s “I’ve engaged not just in talk, but in action” point was pretty solid. Mentioning amputee vets never hurts. 😆 Good call mentioning all the newspaper endorsements in TX. Good move paralleling Hillary’s recent comments with the usual Washington bickering.

    Now he’ll address the whole “plagiarism” issue. “The notion that I had plagerized… from one of my co-chairs… is silly.” Silly season. 😆

    Change you can Xerox? Man, the crowd didn’t like that line much. Her true colors are showing a bit eh?

  7. Amen on the “proper rotations” point brother Barack!

    I really think the “is he ready” question is played out at this point. Honestly, who is ever ready to be the President of the U.S.? Was Bush?

    Obama. Right on Iraq. Right on Pakistan.

    Hillary wants to withdraw troops within sixty days. 1 to 2 brigades a month. (Again with the “I met a woman” stories!! Ugh.)

    Obama: “A tactical victory imposed upon a huge strategic blunder.” Man he’s good.

    We’re spending $12 billion a week (was it a week?) in Iraq. And we can’t afford universal healthcare?

  8. Final round.

    I’m curious if the super delegates issue will be a big one.

    Great move by Obama correlating the super delegate issue to the cynicism of the American people in the election and political process.

    Obama really disappointed me with his answer to the crisis question. And Hillary played on the sympathies of everyone in the crowd over the Lewinsky thing. (But then again, she didn’t really answer the question either.)

  9. butrose, i think my obama love was based primarily on my hillary hate. now that’s he’s the clear leader, my love seems to be disapating. i’m going to go to connecticut and find ralph nader and give him $10 to run again 🙂

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